Kaiser Mental Health

Kaiser, commonly known as Kaiser Permanente (and sometimes as Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program), is composed of several distinct entities. These entities are:

•Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (and its subsidiaries)
•Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (and its subsidiaries)
•7 Permanente Medical Groups

Together, these entities make up Kaiser Permanente.


Despite its status as a “non-profit” organization, since 2016, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan has made almost $10 billion in profits.

This figure excludes the profits of the Permanente Medical Groups. As “for-profit” entities, the seven Permanente Medical Groups are not required to publicly disclose their finances.


Mental Health Services – Care Delivery
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan contracts with the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Permanente Medical Groups to provide care to patients.

In California, Kaiser offers behavioral health, chemical dependency and substance abuse treatment services.