Share Your Mental Health Story

Do you or a family member use Kaiser Permanente’s mental health care services? If so, have you encountered long wait times for appointments? Have you experienced inadequate care? The information will help us in our continuing efforts to press Kaiser and government regulators to improve Kaiser’s mental health services.

Use the space below to tell us about your experience.

  • Did you experience delays in getting care from Kaiser?
  • Were you improperly referred to group therapy when individual care would have been more appropriate?
  • How did this impact your health?
  • Did you seek care outside of Kaiser because of what you experienced?
  • Are you unhappy with your experience of Kaiser’s mental health services?

Disclaimer: We use this information to explain consumer problems to policymakers, the media, and the public. When you share your story, you agree that we may use, share, and make public your story, using only your first name and city. We will not share or make public your last name, phone number, or email address unless we contact you and get your permission to do so.