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Mental Health Clinicians to Kaiser Board Member Cynthia Telles: Resign!

tellesSal Roselli, the president of the National Union of Healthcare Workers, the union that represents over 2,500 mental health clinicians at Kaiser, explains in The Huffington Post why Kaiser Board Member Cynthia Telles has reneged on her commitments and must resign her position with Kaiser.

Roselli writes, “As a psychologist, Telles is bound by this same ethical code to protect the interests of a highly vulnerable population seeking care from Kaiser. But Telles has utterly failed to live up to that obligation. Telles refused to meet with her mental health peers working inside Kaiser clinics when they first sounded the alarm. She did not speak up when Kaiser patients took their own lives. She did not speak up when lawsuits were filed. She did not speak up when journalists took up the story. She did not speak up when the reputation of Kaiser’s psychiatric services plummeted. She did not reply to scores of signed letters written by Kaiser clinicians, imploring her to intervene and correct these problems.”

He continues, “This is the state of Kaiser Permanente mental health services: leaders hiding in the corporate bunker, hoping the crisis will just go away. Unwilling to take action or to admit mistakes, Cynthia Telles and the rest of Kaiser’s executives have hunkered down and lawyered up.”

This hypocrisy has lost Telles the faith and confidence of Kaiser mental health clinicians. We call on Cynthia Telles to resign in hopes that Kaiser will replace her with a true advocate for its psychiatric patients.”

Read the entire op-ed: “Kaiser Mental Health Clinicians for Board Member’s Resignation”